Mortgage Checklist-Conventional Wage Earner

This is a preliminary checklist of items required to process your loan.

It is preferred that you please scan and upload into drop box secure folder assigned to you-

Otherwise you can or email to me at or e fax to 303-680-0055

Required Received Items:
2 most recent pay stubs all applicants – 30 days or 60 days
W2’s for the last two years and any 1099 income statements
Name, phone number, and fax number of the person who can do a written verification of employment
Bank Statements for the last two months – checking and savings. (Be sure to include all pages.)
Most recent statements on IRA’s, 401K’s, retirement and investment accounts (be sure to include all pages)
Copy of most recent mortgage statements 1st ( 2nd if applies)
Homeowner’s insurance Co and agent name phone number.Copy -Insurance policy –annual premium Declarations page
If you live in a Condo townhome or Home with Association please provide us Name, Phone Number email or website
Child Support Order-Divorce Decree –Separate Maintenance Order-(if applicable)
 If Bankruptcy in last 7 years- All Schedules-(if applicable)
Copy of driver’s license
Copy of promissory note from your current 1st mortgage maybe required
Copy of last settlement and closing statement – HUD maybe required
Copy of your promissory note or loan details of your equity line of credit.  Include rate, terms, and due date(if applicable)